What’s up with all the drummer comments in the world

So this is my first ever Blog and I am not even sure what I am doing but I thought why not give it a crack!  Seems as though anyone can blog these days, so why not me!

As I get older (only 32 right now) I am continually amazed by the hate I see on the internet.  I used to never read the comments left on articles, YouTube, facebook etc but I find myself in shock at the crap people comment about.
I am a massive NBA fan and I read all the news from NBA.com, NBA Sports Talk, Facebook basketball pages, etc.  It’s just hate hate hate and at the moment normally directed at Lebron, Miami, Jason Collins being gay or arguing about who is the G.O.A.T.  (Not sure why that is debatable we all know who that is).
I understand why there is a lot of hate regarding the NBA – a lot of people that have no clue about the game, about respecting skill levels and who for some reason think that they are king dick themselves and could do it better than Lebron or Derick Rose because he is somehow soft for not coming back quicker enough after a horrendous injury. Fact is, there are a lot of wankas out there!  Can I say wankas on this site?

I have recently moved to the UK and I read Rhythm magazine every month, the best mag for drumming might I add that I have ever read.  Australia needs to learn how to produce great music mags like they do over here and in the states.

One thing that they preach though on all the issues/articles I have read is how much the drumming community stick together, it’s very close knit community and we ( I say “we” as I try and play) pride ourselves on this more than any other instrument community does.
Well……I agree to a certain extent.  Have you ever read some of the comments on YouTube regarding people playing drums?  It blows my mind how many negative comments there are to these clips, and most of the clips that I have seen are amazing, these drummers are top notch players with amazing skills, quick hands, great technique and would be able to do things that none of these jerks commenting would be able to do.
So why is there so much hate comments in a community that is so close knit?  I do not understand it. Even the guys that post videos that are not the best, they are giving it a go and that’s more than the next person is doing.

I am sure there is a lot more hate with other sports and musical instrument communities.  This is the only ones I read about but can all the haters stop hating.  Instead of hating, do something with yourself.  Or show us what skills you have before you care to take the time to put someone else down.

Didn’t MLK say…..I have decided to stick to love…Hate is too great a burden to bear!I
wish we would all stick to love, it’s way easier than hate.



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